Recently, I have been posting a lot of photos and videos on my clients Facebook Pages. What amazes me is how much adding that content has increased the number of impressions on their Facebook Pages so I asked myself….why?

Well, here is what I think and have NO scientific evidence to support my opinion. People are very visual. They love photos especially if the pictures are of an event, location or people they know. It is fun to watch videos on-line (as long as they are short). Look at the popularity of YouTube and Vine. You can impart a lot of knowledge in a very short video that would take several paragraphs to explain.

You do NOT have to be a professional photographer or videographer to do it! The videos and pictures I post on my client’s Facebook Pages are taken with my 2 Kodak cameras; an EasyShare M530 and a Zi8. I use my EasyShare for taking pictures and some videos. I use my Zi8 exclusively for videos, but I could take pictures with it. Together, I spent a total of $150 on both of these cameras and I love them.

As we all know, “Content is King”. If you post compelling content, people will come to consume it. I now encourage people to incorporate video and photos in the content that they post on their social media sites. However, a word of caution, it is social media not sales media, so do not post advertisements for your product, services, etc. Also, do not post content which could be considered offensive. Post content which is amusing and/or interesting to your community.

In the future, I suspect I will find more uses for photos and videos. I encourage you to check it out. Here are the steps:

  • Get a cheap camera that will allow you to take photos and videos
  • Go out and take pictures and videos of things that interest you
  • Post your photos and videos on your Facebook Page and/or other social media websites
  • Watch the increase of the number of people who like your page and visit your page

OH – one last bit of information about photos and videos when it comes to ownership. Watch this video where Grant Cowell from REELSEO interviews Daliah Saper from Saper Law. Here is the URL: Who Owns the Video You Publish to YouTube?

If you are wondering – why a link instead of embedding the video…I don’t own it and I do not have written permission to embedded it, so to be safe legally, I post the link to the video. My rule – “If you don’t own it, don’t post it. Just link to it.”.

So go out, have fun and watch your impressions increase as your content becomes more interesting to others.

First published Feb 6, 2011, Updated June 20, 2014

Photos, Video and Social Media

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