Two posts within the same week – amazing!  But I digress, I want to talk with you about how to increase the impressions for your Facebook business page.

I manage my own Facebook page in addition to some pages for other organizations.  One of the pages belongs to a small networking group in Chicago.  It has between 20,000 and 45,000 impressions per month.  I have noticed that when I practice the following behaviors, the impressions increase.

  1. Post something every day or even better, a couple of times each day, but don’t overpost
  2. Post photos, videos and podcasts
  3. Post information that is compelling and useful to your readers
  4. Respond when people comment or like something you have posted
  5. Use questions and/or the question feature to interact with your fans
  6. Post events
  7. Encourage discussions and participation, but don’t let one individual hijack your page
  8. Encourage people to tag themselves in the photos & videos
  9. Welcome new fans. People love to have their 15 minutes of fame
  10. Invite your Facebook friends and have your friends tell their friends to “Like” your page
  11. Invite your friends from your other social media accounts to “Like” your page
  12. Have several administrators so that you have content from several people and so that you do not lose access to your page if something happens to your personal Facebook account
  13. Use the page settings to control how you interact with the page.
  14. Monitor your insights to do some analysis to find out what types of posts have the most hits.
  15. Use Facebook as the page name and then like other pages
  16. Consider promoting it with Facebook Ads
  17. Include the URL on all printed materials, your signature, other websites, and other digital mediums.
  18. Stay positive
  19. Don’t spam or sell your services or products
  20. Be YOU

Increasing your visibility is like “planting a garden”.  It takes time and work in order to see the results of your efforts and to create a blooming garden that people want to see every day.

Impressions do not tell the full story or necessarily convert to increased dollars.  However, the more people who see something, the better chance that they will remember you when they need something or a friend needs something.  Thus, although impressions are not the “end all, be all”, they can help you become more visible.  (Note: With Facebook’s new algorithm you may not get as many impressions, but just keep working on improving your content and your numbers will go up.)

First Published Aug 4, 2011, Updated June 20, 2014

20 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Insights and Become More Visible

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